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by John Frinzi

Shoreline Music
Shoreline Music
Singer Songwriter, Country, Folk Rock.
"Shoreline" is the fine new collection by the accomplished and engaging John Frinzi. John has performed most of these songs in recent months - in venues from Florida to Pennsylvania to Maryland to Nevada. Now, with support from artists such as Michael Utley, Doyle Grisham, T.C. Mitchell and Keith Sykes, the perfectly-balanced "Shoreline" is positioned to please and expand Frinzi's strong fan base. With lyrics that range from poignant to rocking, soulful to country, "Shoreline" is absolute proof of a fast-growing career and a quality approach. Frinzi's new collaboration with Tom Corcoran, co- lyricist of Buffett's "Fins" and "Cuban Crime of Passion" and author of six top-selling mystery novels, has brought variety, humor, punch and poetry to John's impressive catalog.